BPIS Ch Shelhaven Alaris (13 Am Pts)

Breeders/Owners: Karen and Robert Henley

BPIS Ch Shelhaven Arnage

Breeders: Karen and Robert Henley, Kim Aston, and Peter Culumovic (Laureate)
Owners: Maureen Butler (Brockhill) and Karen & Robert Henley

Am/Can Ch Sharrow Just An Illusion

Breeder: Margaret Pratt (Sharrow)
Owner: Susan McGerry

BIS BPIS Ch Kelbren Creamsicle

Breeder/Owner: Carol Craswell (Kelbren)

Ch Kelbren Flight Path

Breeder: Carol Craswell (Kelbren)
Owners: MacDonald family

Ch Dalgarnoch Nevada

Breeder/Owner: Bettijane Flanagan (Dalgarnoch)

BPIG Ch Fairfax Count Your Blessings

Breeder: Debbie Van Dyke (Fairfax)
Owner: Ramona Kerr (Graceland)

Ch Kelbren Kildrummy's Keisha

Breeder: Carol Craswell (Kelbren)
Owner: Kathy Archibald (Kildrummy)

Ch Dalgarnoch Strike A Pose

Breeder/Owner: Bettijane Flanagan

Ch Dawnoday's Picturesque

Breeder/Owner: Grace and Daryl Barton (Dawnoday)

BPIG Ch Riviera's Deal Breaker

Breeder/Owner: Diamond Meuse (Riviera)

BPIG Ch Sunnyseas Novashire Capriccio

Breeder: Linda Schrader (Sunnyseas)
Owners: Tracy Gray (Novashire) and Linda Schrader

Ch Shalligy's World Of Peter Pan

Breeder/Owner: Ginette Plouffe (Shalligy)

Ch Novashire's Rumors Fly

Breeders: Tracy Gray (Novashire) and Linda Schrader (Sunnyseas)
Owner: Tracy Gray

Ch Dawnoday's The Statesman

Breeder/Owner: Grace Barton (Dawnoday)

Ch Crinan's Photo Shoot

Breeders: Evelyn Susin (Crinan) and Sheryl Thibideau (Mistymoor)
Owner: Evelyn Susin

Ch Dawnoday's Harry Potter

Breeder/Owner: Grace and Daryl Barton (Dawnoday)

Ch Sushine Danielles Debut

Breeder: Susan Ling (Sushine)
Owner: Madeleine Gagne

Ch Shalligy's The Dream Keeper

Breeder/Owner: Ginette Plouffe (Shalligy)

Woodland Farms Jancada Trust (12 Am Pts)

Breeder: Colleen Golding (Woodland Farms)
Owners: Marion Durholz and Colleen Golding

Rabbit Run Cindahope Fair Trade (2 Am Pts)

Breeders: Connie and Megan Nelson (Rabbit Run) & Karen and Robert Henley
Owners: Nancy and Richard Hildreth (Cindahope) & Connie Nelson




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